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   Adastra Homes Real Estate
                                                                                      New in Daintree!  
   Welcome to the universe of real estate.
   Excellence in property sales and marketing.
   Guidance and professional assistance for             home     buyers and sellers. 
   No Nonsense mentality.
   Up to date knowledge of the real estate               market.
   Realistic assessment of the value of                       properties.
   Real Estate Agent since 2016                                 We offer:
   Free appraisal of your property
   Free listing on selected websites
   Professional and honest advice
   All aimed to get the best deal for YOU         when you want to buy or sell a property                                                                                    

  Ad astra is Latin and translates as 'to the stars'.                      

Our first property in Australia is called 'Ad astra'.        
It is a wonderful place with beautiful, clear nights.                                                         

  This is our inspiration to give all our clients the                      
  feeling to be among the stars.   

  Phone Yvonne: 04 77 402 134
Phone Benno:   04 75 450 303         

Daintree Peaks Eco Stays
House - Restauant - Office
plus 4 Cabins $1.5 million


     Daintree World Heritage          Rainforest Acreage

      $ 700.000

 Coral Sea Views           Rainforest 3 Bed House

 plus Cabins   $ 995.000

New Rentals
​Property Ravenshoe 
Ravenshoe Duplex $260.000
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